Poured In Place Extender

Poured In Place Extender can be the perfect solution to fix poured in place rubber surfaces that are beyond repair. This happens when the surface hasn’t been sealed in a while, and simply has too many cracks and holes to patch. It is important to understand that  the poured in extender application will completely fill the pores of the rubber  surface, so the surface won’t be permeable any more.  It is therefore important for your surface to have a pitch. You can also introduce plastic drains to the surface or bore holes in it. We’ll be glad to take a look at your surface and tell you what will work better. But ideally you want the surface to be pitched away from your building.

We offer poured in place extender in the following standard colors, but for the right quantities we can make any color

ballast-beige-4013 carousel-coral-4046 cool-blue-4053 emerald-ice-4069 firedust-4047 galvano-4027 generator-green-4070 magnetic-mauve-4042 robotic-blue-4063 safety-orange-4083

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